What you'll learn:

  • Which SaaS platform is right for your business
  • What costs are involved when using a SaaS platform?
  • How to integrate a SaaS platform to your marketing strategy 
  • How SaaS platforms solve the efficiency challenges associated with performance marketing.
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The Top Tech Platforms Go Head-to-head
"There are several reasons for choosing a SaaS tracking platform. Firstly, you can start your affiliate program straightaway, not wasting your time and money on developing your own technology. Secondly, when choosing a SaaS tracking platform, you receive the technology built by a team of professionals in the affiliate industry as well as the support of qualified specialists. And thirdly, with the help of API, you can build the system of your dreams with any functionality and capabilities on top of a core feature set of SaaS platform.

"This is the best way to start, run and scale your affiliate program and network itself."

Ofer Katz
CEO and founder, Phonder Technologies
In this guide, readers will find SaaS platforms that are lowering the traditional barriers to entry in performance marketing, building technology that can act flexibly for the very biggest advertisers and create new tools that solve some of the inherent efficiency challenges publishers so commonly associate with performance marketing.

The SaaS Buyer’s Guide not only compares SaaS solutions, but gives the industry an important overview of how SaaS platforms exist to meet a variety of requirements and challenges. One of the most interesting takeaways is that SaaS products have evolved to the point that they are now as relevant for publishers that want to optimise or streamline their performance marketing, as they are for advertisers and agencies.

PerformanceIN's privacy policy & cookie policy

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