What you'll learn:

  • Key markets to prioritise in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) landscape
  • Cross-border e-commerce opportunities available to your business
  • The value of local partnerships and why
  • Best practice for cross-border performance marketing
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The Essential Guide to Performance Marketing in the Middle East & Africa
"This guide is a must-read for anyone wanting to do cross-border e-commerce in the MEA region. It provides invaluable insight into how to overcome the main barriers to e-commerce so that you can reap the rewards from some of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world."

PL Sharma
MEA Account Director, Optimise
The e-commerce market in the Middle East is forecasted to be worth $69 billion by 2020 and is growing at an unprecedented rate. The African e-commerce market is forecast to be worth $75 by 2025, with growth in domestic e-commerce and emerging middle class paving the way for international retailers. 

This essential guide runs through the key market intelligence and practices you need to know for each of the main regions across the Middle East and Africa.
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